Portrait Viewer for Dwarf Fortress

2009-06-02 Progress Report
Long time no abc!

After publishing the 0.1 version I've taken a little break from Dwarftraitist and done other projects. I still have made some small fixes. Adding custom races should now work correctly and it's possible to arrange people in group photos into straight rows. I'm still doing some other stuff but if everything goes as planned, I'll start to work with injuries on Thursday.

Version 0.1
Whee, first published version.

2009-05-21 Progress Report
Almost there!

Today I created the first stand-alone version of Dwaftraitist. It isn't very polished but now anyone can create a ton of random dwarves with a couple of mouse clicks. More talented people can create custom ones by editing txt files and hero modders can already create new species although there's lots of restricted stuff at the moment.

I'm putting it out tomorrow when I've made some small additions, written readme etc.

2009-05-19 Progress Report
During last couple of days I've played more with html-generator. It now creates a personal page for all dwarves and those can be opened by clicking the face in the group photo. It's still very plain and simple but with hard work and some css/java script magic it could create pretty impressive results.

I've also created some graphical interface that can be used instead of text files. I'll still leave the text file input because it's faster for experienced user but it's nice to have some newbie friendly interface with it. Luckily I spent quite a lot of time learning interface stuff last summer (I worked with an ice hockey manager but sadly lost the interest after few months) so now I can handle it relatively fast.

The First Testing
These are from Dec 17th 2008. I drew some basic body parts, scanned them and combined with Paint Shop Pro. At this point there wasn't single line of code and I just wanted to test how it would look like.

2009-05-17 Progress Report
I managed to do some optimization. Drawing a single dwarf takes now under 2 seconds (vs. earlier 3,5 seconds) because it now skips non-interesting parts of source images. I'm not sure if it can ever be done in ~real time because it has to load, color and place nearly hundred source images/dwarf. Two seconds isn't that bad for a single dwarf but can get quite annoying if you want a group picture of whole fortress. Using other language than Java would probably help but this is what I can handle best - perhaps in the future..

I also played with image mapping (mouseover the faces):

2009-05-15 Progress Report
Adding new attributes is getting very easy. I was able to make happy, sad and angry dwarves in few minutes just by making new graphics and adding couple of lines of text into txt files. The problem is that it's getting slower when there's more stuff it needs to check. It'll be optimizing soon.

I guess I'll start working with user interface on Sa/Su/Mo depending on my hangover state and try to get first release out before next weekend.

2009-05-14 Progress Report
Another slow day. I made pics for platemail and crossbow and tried to make tags more flexible but I have to continue that tomorrow.

edit. Whoo I managed to fix it and now I have bearded nude dwarves with boobs and it's beautiful! The tag code is still pretty unsophisticated and I should rewrite it.

The First Sketches
Here's something from history. The first sketches I made for Dwarftraitist back in December 2008.

2009-05-13 Progress report
Today was a pretty slow day. I just created armor, cloak and dress images for different heights and made other tweaks. I'm not quite satisfied with the greaves but there's no need to get stuck in one image when they can be easily edited later.

I'm not sure, what I will do next. I still need to draw platemail, crossbow and quiver. After those I probably try to publish an alpha release with simple UI so other people can test it. I'd also like to work with injuries, add more group photo features, make material/broadness/gender tags, optimize the drawing process, pack image files smarter... etc. etc- etc. And after those I still have dozens of ideas.

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